Bringing color to Yosemite Valley

Breathtaking beauty en route to delivering reorders to Yosemite National Park. I love it when art sells out! Took camera for a walk of course…

mugs in box.jpg When I arrived at this spectacular viewpoint, Half Dome was covered with cloud, the sun teased but was held back by even more cloud. In the space of a brisk hour, seven coach loads of lovely-looking asian tourists joyfully came and went and my toes just went to numb. Then this happened 🙂 Half Dome zoom mr

Avila Beach, Golf club, CA

Ink and watercolor, 8.5″ x 6″. Original available.

Everywhere here is a painting just wanting to be painted… I have mountains holding my gaze, an ocean enchanting me more, sedimentary cliffs from the Franciscan Period curving every which way… where to begin!

This is the lovely Avila Beach golf resort which graces Harford & Lupine Canyons as it meets the magnificent Pacific. Great spot for families with little kids, the water is shallow and warm. Very dog-friendly too, even Syds went for a dip ~ no waves!

Avila golf scan final mr

A day at Talley Winery, cental coast, CA

Delightful day as a guest at Talley Winery, Arroyo Grande, CA. I was offered wine, but declined in the (other kind of) spirit of Productivity. I shall however return 🙂

Ink, using a most unruly home-made feather quill I which splats and dumps and denies all along, keeping me on my toes and from applying too much control. Then comes the watercolors. If you don’t handle watercolors just right, they don’t play nice at all. More instinct at this point over thinking ~ that’s the sweet spot where the painting can be it’s own and paint flows with energy.

These are all around 8″ x 5″