Original acrylic on canvas triptych. Available.


“Connections, red, yellow and orange” James Goodchap, 2014

Triptych, 36″ x 36″ each. Acrylic on canvas. Located at the Law offices of Weintraub Tobin (on loan by artist).

The paint wraps around all four edges of each canvas as part of the desired presentation and composition. These paintings are not meant to be framed individually.

Purchase inquiries welcome. Canvases not sold separately. Please leave reply comment below.

These are from a series of paintings inspired by the high-rise office building environments on Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA. The Wells Fargo center and it’s flanking neighbors dominate the skyline, sometimes dramatic lighting and skies reflect off their glassy exteriors and other times they are dark and it is the lit interiors that create interest.Minimal lines representing the essential structures, connect in places and are only implied in others. Businesses within these offices are structured, they connect with co-workers, colleagues and clients here every day, with consistency and common purpose. This integration influenced the title and series called, “Connections”-a concept further explored with the “Sutter Buttes” paintings – views not of these buildings, but from them.

Within the structured lines and walls of the buildings, people flow and interact, diversity and complex relationships fill every floor and room. That dynamic is represented by abstract textures of layered paint, which affords a sense of depth.

“I love the idea of seeing what you have right in front of you and making art from a familiar location. I am connected to this place inside and out, and with the people who share the space with me. It’s been two years since these paintings were made, but I’m still working and creating from this great location”. – JG, Dec. 2015.