Happy ThanksGiving

James Goodchap “Happy Thanksgiving” is a watercolor painting I made for a lovely friend some years ago. It is framed in her kitchen, and year after year she and her two darling daughters get to enjoy it.

The legacy and provenance of a painting is very exciting to me. It is in fact the most satisfying thought which pertains to my art. As a career graphic designer, my work might last a weekend in a newspaper, a month in a magazine, a few years in a web site or brochure, and at best, ten to twenty years as a brand identity. Superb creative and purpose served, but gone. Paintings will outlast by generations if not centuries. From mom to daughter or son, to grandchildren and adventures beyond… a painting has a journey hard to predict, but with a warm smile we can imagine eyes that are ours but not, looking at an artwork like we look the same moon or stars ~ we share this moment, we remember, we dream on… Then go to Christies.

I will however, come haunt your butt regardless of the passing of time, if you put my paintings in storage as a commodity investment. I paint for as many well-met art lovers as I can find. Love and share on 🙂 – JG November 2017

pumpkins sq mr

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